Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pin board and plugs.
This is a chair I made out of balsa wood, staining it and using the air brushed to age it.
A table I made for an office I was building for Matt.

Here's a puppet I made, he has removeble legs, arms, and head. Latex shoes and super skalpy head.

"Sad Monkey, he got his banana run over." Another second year project.

"Rasta scarecrow". Second year project.
Here is the blunderbuss I designed and made for a Matt Pollocks animation. I sculpted a rough model out of plasticine then carved the handle out of wood. I then sculpted a coke can for the barrel. The other metal used is copper wire that I hammered flat to make the shape on the side.

A animation I chose to do to a 10 second audio clip.

Here are some prop's I made for a student Matt Pollock. A collaborative project I did in my second year at Glamorgan University '08. I built the leather chair, picture fame, gun and the grandfather clock.

Matt Pollock went on to win a 'Glammy award' for best stop motion.