Monday, 25 May 2009

This is a shot of my end of year project. I sculpted this out of plasticine, then made a mold of it and cast the figure in resin, finally painting over the top.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This set is almost done, I just need to add a lamp post and a fire hydrant; I also plan to put a paper store in the space between the two buildings. I want to put curtains up in the windows too and then I'm finished.
Ellen made a car to drive into the shot, so I might to need to extent the road.
Here is the other building on the set I've done which will be a liquor store. I made the path out of foam, carving lines in to it and painting it gray.
This is the almost finished first building, I used foam for the windows and put up a uneven drain pipe to give it a run down look. The bricks are painted on with a sponge, the door is hand cut and sanded down.
This is a picture of the finished staircase. I painted it gray and the used a air brush to give it the uneven colouring.
Here you can see the cracks in the undercoat of the stone staircase, I was going for a old concrete look.
Then I coated the stairs with clay so that it would dry and become cracked. This is because I wanted to create an old worn down look.
This is the beginning stage of a a set of stairs that go up to the block of flats I am building for Matt and Nick. They are constructed out of foam.